Postgraduate coursework

A Postgraduate Coursework program is an ideal way to upgrade your qualifications and further your career development. The degree mainly consists of a sequence of lectures, tutorials and labs, with a research component that may be incorporated. There are four levels of qualification:

  • A Master’s Degree in Engineering (MEng)
  • A Master’s Degree in Engineering Science (MEngSc)
  • A Graduate Diploma (GradDip)
  • A Graduate Certificate (GradCert)

The selection of a level is mainly driven by entry requirements (i.e. previous education and professional experience), along with teaching load and duration of the program. The duration of each program varies, ranging from six months for Graduate Certificate to two years for a Masters of Extension program.

For further enquiries contact our Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator: Dr Shaghik Atakaramians,