Goals and Vision of the School

Goals of the School

  • To be the reference site for research and teaching of electrical engineering and telecommunications in Australia, and to be recognised as such internationally. 
  • To be a research intensive school where every academic staff member has the ability to attract competitive research funding.
  • To be the school that best undergraduate students choose, above other universities in the region, based on our reputation for research, teaching, use of educational technology, care of individual students and facilities. 
  • To provide a secure and satisfying work environment for all staff with adequate recognition of individual achievements and work performance.

Vision of the School

The UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications will continue to offer a well balanced education in the field of electrical engineering and telecommunications that is of the highest standard to Australian and international coursework students, propagating the opinion that this is the school of choice for this field of study and that graduates from this School are equipped for industry. 

We will also be conducting basic and applied electrical engineering and telecommunications research projects, generating results that are unanimously respected in international engineering community and attracting funding from government and industry sources. This will provide a high repute research training ground for our postgraduate research students. As a consequence, the community and engineering profession at large will be endowed with information, analysis, consultation and active participants in professional activities.