ANFF hosted Spin Qubit 3 Conference

ANFF hosted the 3rd Conference and Workshop on Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing (Spin Qubit 3). It was organised and successfully run during the 6-10th of November, by ANFF researchers. The event brought together world-leading researchers from the field of solid-state, spin-based quantum information processing to participate in a 5-day conference and workshop. Further to 30 invited speakers, the conference was attended by 80 delegates. The conference was organised by Dr Arne Laucht (EE&T Scientia Fellow) with general support from Karen Jury, and was chaired by Scientia Professor Andrew Dzurak, Professor Andrea Morello and Professor David Reilly (University of Sydney).

Congratulations to Arne, Andrew and Andrea on organising such a high profile, successful event.

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