ARC Discovery Funding Success 2018

School of EE&T was successful in securing 5 ARC DP funding for 2018. Congratulations to the following academic staff:

 ARC Discovery Grant Success: 

  1. Professor Victor Solo and Dr Syed Pasha; “Vector network system identification” ($353K)
  2. Professor Victor Solo and Professor Gregory Chirikjian, “Modeling stochastic systems in Riemannian manifolds” ($363K)
  3. Professor Zhao Yang (Joe) Dong; Dr Guo Chen (new Scientia Fellow) and Professor David Hill; “Power system security assessment given massive intermittent energy sources” ($403K)
  4. Professor Andrea Morello, Dr Jarryd Pla and Professor Klaus Moelmer; “Observing the quantum chaotic trajectories of a single nucleus” ($387k)

The following grant is in collaboration with RMIT:

  1. Professor Donald Holmes; Professor John Fletcher; Associate Professor Brendan McGrath; Dr Lasantha Meegahapola, “Advanced inverter control for distributed energy systems” ($363K)

This is a great result for the School. Congratulations to all recipients.

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