IESL NSW Chapter Public Lecture : “Cochlear Modelling: Future Directions” by Prof E. Ambikairajah

The human cochlea is a critical part of the human auditory system, serving as the main sensory organ that transforms the acoustic signal to a mechanical movement and thereafter to a neural signal. The cochlea is unique and has some amazing characteristics, including very fine frequency resolution, wide dynamic range and rapid adaptability to different input sounds levels. Its importance as a spectrum analyser has been recognised in the design of cochlea implants and speech and speaker recognition systems. In this presentation, cochlear modelling will be discussed from simple through to more advanced cochlear filter models. The application of these models to key speech processing systems, and the evolution of their design, will then be explained. Future approaches to cochlear models in a deep learning paradigm will be discussed, including building an active cochlear model.

Looking forward to seeing you all there. Feel free to invite friends and family as well. (For more information)
Please note the location of the lecture is Building G17 Electrical Engineering, Room 102, UNSW Sydney, High St, Kensington, NSW 2052




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