Prof Joe Dong

Professor in Energy Systems 


Telephone:    +61 2 9385 4477



Room:             303  Electrical Engineering Building


Biographical details

Professor Z.Y. (Joe) Dong is a Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, UNSW. He was the Head of School of Electrical and Information Engineering in the University of Sydney, and a contractor with Ausgrid and EPRI, USA. He was a member of the ARC College of Experts over 2015-2017. Prior to joining the University of New South Wales in 2017, he was Ausgrid Chair and Director of Ausgrid Centre of Excellence for Intelligent Electricity Networks (CIEN) at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He has also worked for Hong Kong Polytechnic University and as system planning manager with TASnetworks, Australia. Professor Dong's research interest includes power system planning and stability, smart grid/micro-grid, load modeling, renewable energy grid connection, electricity market, data mining, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and computational methods. He has served editor for a number of international top journals such IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, IEEE PES Letters, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, IET Renewable Power Generation, and Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy. He is an international Advisor for the lead Chinese journal of Automation of Electric Power Systems and a guest editor for Southern Power System Technology under China Southern Power Grid. He also serves as guest editor for International Journal of Systems Science. 

Professor Dong has been the principle investigator for over 10 EPRI projects, 14 ARC grants, 4 grants under HK RGC & ITF scheme, and partner investigator of 2 theme based projects in Hong Kong. He has many industrial R&D and consulting projects in power system planning, stability, smart grid, electricity market analysis, load modelling and data mining based methods for energy system data analytics. As a consultant, he leads the development of the load models for Western Power Corporation's daily usage in operations and planning of Western Australia's transmission network. He lead the gas and electricity network co-planning for the $12.6m CSIRO Future Grid project. He also worked with government on smart grid cyber security. He is a member of IEEE taskforce on power system cascading failure, a chapter coordinator for CIGRE work group on load modelling, a core member of the IEEE PES Smart Building, Loads and Customer System Committee coordinating IEEE standards in Load Model and Simulation. He is the Deputy Chair for Smart Grid Australia (SGA) study group and leads its research domain on cyber physical systems, including representing SGA at the International Federation of Smart Grid. He established a team of 28 at Ausgrid Centre for Intelligent Electricity Networks to provide R&D support for the $100m (plus $500m from Ausgrid) Smart Grid, Smart City national demonstration project.

Professor Dong obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Sydney in 1999. He has published over 300 journal papers (mostly IEEE transactions and IET journals), and received over $16 million in research and industrial grants. Professor Dong has supervised or co-supervised over 50 PhD students, many who now work in industry and research/academia in Australia, Europe, Asia and America.


Membership of Professional Societies

  • Fellow of the IEEE ("for contributions to development of computational methods for power system stability and planning") 


Research interests

Electricity is critical to our everyday life. Without it, modern society would not be possible. Professor Dong's research aims to enhance the reliability and economic efficiency of our electricity supply networks, allowing them to reliably supply quality electricity in a more cost-effective manner with advanced engineering and computational methods.

"The operation of our society depends on a stable, quality electricity supply. The challenge today is that the industry is shifting towards more non-network solutions such as distributed renewable generation, energy storage and smart grid technologies. This gives rise to both challenges and opportunities for the industry and for my research.

"My research investigates ways of increasing power system stability, as well as alternative ways of enhancing the capabilities of power networks. The aim is to enable networks to supply more electricity - in a stable and reliable manner - without requiring as much investment as conventional approaches do.

"Ultimately this will enable us to meet customer demand, while slowing the price increase in household power bills. It will also allow us to maximise the benefits of renewable energy generation with minimal impact on network service providers' operations.

"I work closely with industry on most areas of my research. This ensures that I have a thorough understanding of industry needs and trends, and that the value of my research can be clearly visualised and supported by industry.

"Electricity is a public utility by nature, and I gain a sense of achievement through working closely with the electricity industry on research and development, as well as through educating young engineering students in power engineering."


Selected Publications

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