The breadth and depth of research activities undertaken by the School make it one of the largest postgraduate schools in Australia and a world leader in a number of research areas. The range of research areas has resulted in the organisation of the School into four broad research disciplines. 

Each of the research disciplines has a range of specialist laboratories in addition to having access to joint facilities serving cross discipline research. Cross discipline research widens the range of projects currently being untaken by staff and students both nationally and internationally. 

Our researchers work in a much wider range of areas, where many have very strong international reputations within their fields of expertise. The School boasts several Fellows of the most prestigious relevant research societies. Our researchers bespeak many prestigious awards for the publication of ground-breaking research and numerous distinguished presentation roles at large international conferences. The School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at UNSW is an outstanding destination for research studies, for postdoctoral research work and for research collaboration. 

The School consistently demonstrates outstanding success in securing national competitive grants such as the Australia Research Council (ARC) grants and Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA). Other sources of research funding include various state and federal government bodies, industry and major private organisations.