Energy Systems

Energy Systems

Energy systems research is an exciting and vibrant area that will have a profound impact on modern society and the evolution of our existing energy delivery systems. Sustainable development to realise a low emissions economy will target electrification of diverse systems, opening up new and exciting fields of research for Energy Systems. A prime example is significant changes occurring in the generation, and supply of electrical energy. There is a shift from a centralised model of generation to one where generation is dispersed and distributed around the electrical network. Distributed generation is providing users with a lower-carbon source of energy that are efficient and potentially more flexible. Other examples of power systems revolution are transportation electrification, which includes hybrid and all electric cars to hydrogen-powered aircraft.

The Energy Systems research group is one of Australia’s leading research teams investigating a diverse range of emerging research areas. The expertise of the research team includes a number of key areas:

  • Renewable generation and integration
  • Energy conversion
  • Energy storage systems
  • Power system operations
  • Protection systems
  • High-voltage systems
  • Power electronics and conversion
  • Electric drive systems
  • Condition monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics
  • Energy economics

Specific research capabilities of the team can be found as below:

Clean Energy

Defence Research and Technology

Energy systems research focuses on advanced power conversion and power systems applications which include the electricity grid, automotive and aerospace applications, and energy market economy. The research team has a strong collaboration with industries in Australia and beyond, and research innovations of the team have been commercialised by industries. 

The researchers of Energy Systems have close ties with UNSW Energy Institute, UNSW Digital Future grid institute UNSW’s Hydrogen Energy Research Centre (HERC) and Collaboration for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM).