Research interests

Research Interests of all Academics

Research Interest Staff Member
Analysis of integrated microwave and millimetre-wave systems (components and interconnect) Prof. Rodica Ramer
Integrated MEMS/CMOS circuits Prof. Rodica Ramer
MEMS and NEMS technology Prof. Rodica Ramer
Computer Aided Design and Real-Time Control A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
Control Algorithms A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
Control Applications A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
Active balancing of rotating machinery Dr Branislav Hredzak
Application of artificial intelligence - data mining, neural networks, expert systems for pattern recognition. A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
Application of signal processing techniques in condition monitoring A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
Application-specific polymer optical fibres and devices Prof Gang-Ding Peng
Application-specific silica optical fibres and devices Prof Gang-Ding Peng
Automated Ecg signal processing and interpretation Prof Branko George Celler
Automatic cognitive load measurement using physiological and behavioural signals A/Prof Julien Epps
Automation for precision farming Dr Raymond Eaton
Autonomous vehicles control Dr Raymond Eaton
bio-medical microelectronics A/Prof Torsten Lehmann
Biomedical engineering and medicine - application of modern control and signal processing techniques Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Biomedical Signal Processing Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah
Class D amplifiers Dr Branislav Hredzak
CMOS circuits at cryogenic temperature A/Prof Torsten Lehmann
cochlear implants A/Prof Torsten Lehmann
Cochlear Modelling Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah
Coding theory and algebraic coding techniques Dr Yixuan Xie
Cognitive Radio Prof Wei Zhang
Compression through intelligent communication Prof. David Taubman
Computation of electric and magnetic fields using numerical methods Dr Daming Zhang
Condition monitoring of substation and power system equipment; development of smart sensors and intelligent monitoring systems A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
Control of power systems Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Cooperative and Cognitive Wireless Networks Prof Jinhong Yuan
Cooperative Communications Prof Wei Zhang
Design, Modeling and optimisation of photonics devices Prof Francois Ladouceur
Development and implementation of suitable algorithms, particularly for multivariable and non-linear systems. Robustness in non-linear systems, learning and adaptive control, sliding mode control A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
Diamond-based photonics devices Prof Francois Ladouceur
Distributed Artificial Intelligence A/Prof Iain Ferguson MacGill
Distributed, renewable and demand-side resources A/Prof Iain Ferguson MacGill
Econometrics Prof Victor Solo
Electric Vehicle, Traction and Propulsion Prof John Fletcher
Electrical Insulation - characteristics of gaseous, liquid, and solid dielectric materials; ageing mechanisms; diagnostic methods A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
Electrical machine drives Prof John Fletcher
Dr Rukmi Dutta
Electromagnetic analysis of Electric equipment using finite element analysis Dr Rukmi Dutta
EMI/EMC facility design, especially reverberation chamber design Dr Daming Zhang
Emotion and mental state recognition from speech A/Prof Julien Epps
Emotion Detection Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah
Energy efficient generators for wind and wave Dr Rukmi Dutta
Energy industry restructuring A/Prof Iain Ferguson MacGill
Engineering Education Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah
Dr Iain Murray Skinner
For detailed descriptions, see Biomedical Systems Laboratory Prof Branko George Celler
Forensic voice comparison A/Prof Julien Epps
Foundations of quantum mechanics A/Prof Andrea Morello
Genomic Signal Processing Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah
Global navigation satelite systems Dr Elias Aboutanios
Guidance Prof Andrey V. Savkin
High Voltage Engineering - high voltage generation, measurement, and testing A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
high-performance analogue circuits in deep sub-micron CMOS A/Prof Torsten Lehmann
High-Speed Switching Architectures A/Prof Vijay Sivaraman
Hybrid dynamical systems Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Image and video compression: scalability, interactvity, international Prof. David Taubman
Image processing: statistical inverse problems, motion estimation Prof. David Taubman
Information Theory and Error Control Coding Prof Jinhong Yuan
Integrated Circuit Design - wideband optical to electrical conversion circuits Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Integrated optics Prof Francois Ladouceur
Interference detection Prof Andrew Dempster
Interference Management Prof Wei Zhang
Interior permanent magnet machines for high power density and wide field weakening range; Prof Fazlur M Rahman
Internet Service Architectures Prof Aruna Seneviratne
Internet Trust and Privacy Prof Aruna Seneviratne
Iterative decoding Dr Yixuan Xie
Joint modelling of linguistic and paralinguistic information Dr Vidhyasaharan Sethu
Language Identification Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah
LDPC codes Dr Yixuan Xie
Matrix Converter Dr Dan Xiao
Mechatronic systems and servo systems Dr Branislav Hredzak
Medical information systems Prof Branko George Celler
Medical instrumentation Prof Branko George Celler
MEMS based micro-optics Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
MEMS-3D integration of integrated circuits Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
MEMS-CMOS-MEMS integration Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
MEMS-Materials for MEMS Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
MEMS-Micro/Nano Fabrication Technology Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
MEMS-novel micro/nano actuator mechanisms Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
MEMS-Optical Cross switches Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
MEMS-Optical Interconnects Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
MEMS-photonic couplers and modulators Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
MEMS-Simulation and Analysis of MEMS devices Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
micro-actuators Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems(MEMS) Prof Chee Yee Kwok
Dr Aron Woldeghiorgis Michael
Microwave engineering A/Prof Andrea Morello
MIMO Systems Prof Jinhong Yuan
Mobile Content Distribution Systems Prof Aruna Seneviratne
Mobile robots coordination and control Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Modal propagation in electromagnetic optical waveguides Dr Iain Murray Skinner
Model Predicitive Control Dr Dan Xiao
Modelling and Control Dr Jayashri Ravishankar
Modelling of excitable tissues Prof Branko George Celler
Modelling, estimation, simulation and control for intransigent systems. Sliding mode and adaptive control in steel making. A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
multilevel inverters Dr Cheng Tan
multiphase inverters Dr Cheng Tan
Multiuser Information Theory Prof Wei Zhang
Nanofabrication technologies Prof Andrew Dzurak
Nanophotonics Prof Gang-Ding Peng
Networked control systems Dr Branislav Hredzak
Neural coding Prof Victor Solo
Neural control of cardiac function Prof Branko George Celler
Neural control of renal function Prof Branko George Celler
Neuroimaging Prof Victor Solo
Non-linear magnetics and its application to study harmonics and conducted EMI in power converters Dr Daming Zhang
Nonlinear and robust control Dr Raymond Eaton
Nonlinear fibre optics Prof Gang-Ding Peng
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Dr Elias Aboutanios
Optical fibre communication devices and systems Prof Gang-Ding Peng
Optical fibre sensors and systems Prof Gang-Ding Peng
Optical Networks A/Prof Vijay Sivaraman
Organic optoelectronics Prof Francois Ladouceur
Parameter Estimation Dr Elias Aboutanios
Partial discharge measurement and analysis; Dr Daming Zhang
Partial discharges A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
Periodicity characterisation of genomic sequences A/Prof Julien Epps
Photonic signal processing technologies Prof Gang-Ding Peng
Photonics material sciences Prof Francois Ladouceur
Physiological Systems Modelling Prof Branko George Celler
Power electronics Prof John Fletcher
Prof Fazlur M Rahman
Power factor correction and active filtering Prof Fazlur M Rahman
Power quality - harmonics, transients A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
Power system analysis - computational techniques A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
Power System Dynamics Dr Jayashri Ravishankar
Power system equipment - generators, motors, transformers, cables, transmission lines, switchgear A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
Power system operation A/Prof Iain Ferguson MacGill
PV-wind hybrid systems Dr Rukmi Dutta
Quantum chaos A/Prof Andrea Morello
Quantum Communications A/Prof Robert Malaney
Quantum computation Prof Andrew Dzurak
Quantum control of single atoms in silicon A/Prof Andrea Morello
Quantum error correction codes Dr Yixuan Xie
Quantum network analysis and synthesis Dr Hendra Nurdin
Quantum systems and quantum feedback control Dr Hendra Nurdin
Radar and sonar signal processing Dr Elias Aboutanios
Real-time control and controller implementation Dr Raymond Eaton
Reconfigurable computing using networks on chip Dr Branislav Hredzak
Reconfigurable RF, microwave and millimetre wave integrated systems Prof. Rodica Ramer
Renewable energy A/Prof Iain Ferguson MacGill
Prof John Fletcher
Dr Rukmi Dutta
A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
Prof Fazlur M Rahman
Dr Daming Zhang
Renewable Energy and Smart Grids Dr Branislav Hredzak
Renewable energy industry development A/Prof Iain Ferguson MacGill
Renewables applications A/Prof Iain Ferguson MacGill
RF, microwave and millimetre wave devices Prof. Rodica Ramer
RF-CMOS components Prof. Rodica Ramer
Robust communication of scalable multimedia content Prof. David Taubman
Robust control and filtering Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Routing Protocols A/Prof Vijay Sivaraman
Satellite navigation receiver design Prof Andrew Dempster
Satellite navigation signal processing Prof Andrew Dempster
Satellite systems Prof Andrew Dempster
Sensorless Control Dr Dan Xiao
Sensorless control of PM and switched reluctance machines Prof Fazlur M Rahman
Sensorless direct torque control and rotor flux oriented vector controls for operation at very low speed Prof Fazlur M Rahman
Signal Detection Dr Elias Aboutanios
Signal processing Prof Victor Solo
Silicon nanoelectronics Prof Andrew Dzurak
single electron transistors Prof Andrew Dzurak
Smart grid systems for distributed generation Dr Rukmi Dutta
solid-state circuits and systems A/Prof Torsten Lehmann
Solid-state devices for quantum computing A/Prof Andrea Morello
Space-Time Coding Prof Jinhong Yuan
Space-time Coding and MIMO Prof Wei Zhang
Speech and Audio Coding Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah
Speech and Speaker Recognition Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah
Speech based emotion recognition Dr Vidhyasaharan Sethu
Speech Enhancement Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah
Speech modeling and feature extraction A/Prof Julien Epps
Spin-based quantum computing in silicon MOS quantum dots Mr. Jason Chun Chieh Hwang
State estimation and control via telecommunication networks Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Statistical and multidimensional signal processing Dr Elias Aboutanios
Stochastic control Prof Victor Solo
Stochastic modelling Dr Hendra Nurdin
Stochastic systems and stochastic control Dr Hendra Nurdin
System Identification Prof Victor Solo
Telemedicine remote monitoring Prof Branko George Celler
The design and implementation of real-time control systems on computers which incorporate the capability for computer aided design of the controllers. Problems of implementation; testable design A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
Transients in power systems A/Prof Bao Toan Phung
Turbo Coding, LDPC Coding and Iterative Receiver Processing; Prof Jinhong Yuan
ultra low-power CMOS design A/Prof Torsten Lehmann
Ultra-low temperature techniques A/Prof Andrea Morello
VLSI neural networks A/Prof Torsten Lehmann
Wideband-CDMA and OFDM Wireless Systems. Prof Jinhong Yuan
Wind Energy Integration Dr Jayashri Ravishankar
Wireless Communications A/Prof Robert Malaney
Wireless Network Coding Prof Jinhong Yuan
Wireless Positioning systems A/Prof Robert Malaney
Wireless Security A/Prof Robert Malaney
Wireless sensors for industrial and biomedical applications Prof. Rodica Ramer
Wireless, Mobile & Satellite Communications; Prof Jinhong Yuan
Z-Source Converter Dr Dan Xiao