Computing and lab resources

The IT support for the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications is provided through the technical officers in the Electronics Workshop (Ground Floor Room G8 and G1, Electrical Engineering Building (Building G17), and the professional officers located in the various research disciplines.

All school's teaching laboratories have computers connected to the Internet through the Campus network. The software installed in each laboratory varies depending on the course requirements such as Cadence, ADS and PSIM. Some computers in the labs are configured with dual booting to Windows and Linux/RTAI (RealTime Application Interface for Linux). Generally PhD students are allocated their own individual computers by a Professional Officer. 

The School provides two general access computer laboratories in Room 401A (for both undergraduate & postgraduate coursework students) and Room 426 (for postgraduate coursework students only). Please see for more information on the opening hours, printing and technical support. 


Self Help Points - Student Counter

  • How to use scanner on student counter

  •  How to use self served laptops 
The laptops in the student office have a wi-fi account pre-configured so you do not not need to set up wi-fi each time you use it.
The laptops have a single common user account which automatically log in when turned on. You do not need to zID/zPass to login to the laptops.