Course-specific requirement for casual academic allocation

Course-specific requirements for casual academic allocation

Please provide details about your course-specific requirements for casual academic allocation (lab demonstrators, mentors and/or markers, and training hours) by filling out this online form

Please submit your course-specific requirements for Term 1 2019 by Friday 25 January 2019

Please send all your inquiries to the following email:


(Typical allocation is 10-12 students per lab demonstrator per slot. But this depends on the nature of the lab itself. For example, labs involving large voltage may require more lab demos)
(New lab demos should do lab training. Normally, lab training hours for lab demos are expected to be significantly shorter than the lab hours for students. Typical, lab training hours for lab demo are less than 25% of the lab hours for students. If you have 18hrs of lab per session for students, the lab training for lab demos should not take more than 4.5hrs)
If your course is not a 4th year course or a design subject, you can still recommend lab demonstrators although not a requirement. Please, let the nominated or recommended lab demonstrators know that they have to apply for lab demonstrator position online at Please, provide all the names and e-mail addresses of your nominated or recommended lab demonstrators.