Emergency Evacuation

Emergency & first aid contacts 

Report all emergencies - 9385 6666

· State your name 
· Location of the incident, Building/Floor & Room No. 
· What the emergency is: fire, bomb, gas, chemical etc

Stay calm and advise others

· Security 
· Your Work Mates 
· Your Supervisor 
· Other Students

First aid officers

Phil Allen, Room 347, 9385 4504

Roy Zeng, Room G15, 9385 5507

Olivia Huang, Room 103, 9385 4001

Gladys Fong, Room 103, 9385 4000

Emilio Saliba, Room 103, 0407 891 368

India Forbes, Room LGQ07, 9385 1084 

Location of nearest first aid box

· First Floor: School Office room 103

Chief and Deputy Chief Wardens

· Zhenyu Liu: Room G15, Phone 55508 
· Roy Zeng: Room G15, Phone 55507 

Emergency evacuation procedures

What should you do if the alarm sounds while you are in the Electrical Engineering Building?

  1. On hearing the alarm sounding as : beeep beeep beeep beeep
  2. Prepare to evacuate and follow instructions from any Public Announcements or Emergency Team members.  Save files, turn off equipment and remain calm.
  3. On hearing the alarm sounding as: whooop whooop whooop whooop
  4. Evacuate the building immediately.  Leave the building via the nearest safe emergency exit
  5. Do not use the lifts.
  6. Proceed as directed to the Evacuation Assembly Area.  This is at the QUADRANGLE LAWN to the west of the building. 
  7. Remain in the assembly area until notified to return to the building.