Working Safely in our Laboratories

Each School has specific rules about conduct in laboratories to promote safety at work.

The following general rules apply to ALL laboratories in the School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications:


1. All users must undergo induction, agree to comply with Laboratory rules, and observe ergonomic arrangements for their workspaces.

2. No bare feet or exposed/open footwear are permitted (Footwear in laboratories).

3. Food and drink are not to be consumed at any time in the laboratories.

4. Under no circumstance is the 240 V, 50Hz mains power to be used for any purpose other than that approved by the School. Only authorised personnel are allowed to alter power connections (50 V above) or connect any equipment to mains power.

5. Tampering with or removal of any laboratory equipment is strictly forbidden.     

6. Data network connections should not be altered. Personal equipment may not be connected to the School data network without first obtaining permission.

7. Personal mobile phones are not to be operated at any time within a laboratory.

8. Users are always expected to conduct themselves in a reserved and professional manner. All noise should be kept to a minimum.

9. All bags should be stored out of walkways.

10. When finished, all users should clean and tidy their workstations, shut-down the PC, return   all leads, and turn out the lights (if last to leave).

11. Faulty equipment and any other concerns should be reported to laboratory staff who may not otherwise be aware of the problem.

12. Users must also comply with UNSW’s policies & procedures about Acceptable Use of UNSW Information and Communication Technology Resources.


Safe work procedures (SWP) and Risk Management Forms (RMF) describe how a particular task should be safely undertaken.


SWPs and RMFs have been developed for a number of different tasks performed in the various laboratories around the School. It is imperative that staff and students read, sign, and follow these instructions which are located near to the relevant equipment in the laboratories and/or on SafeSys. If you cannot locate the relevant SWP or RMF for the equipment you wish to use or the activity you wish to carry out, please contact the Area Supervisor before operating the equipment.

The University's Online Safety Management System (SafeSys) must be used to complete SWPs (for equipment) or RMFs (for activities).

Before considering the purchase of a new piece of equipment, the HS633a Pre-Purchase Checklist for Equipment must be completed and submitted to the Supervisor of the area where that equipment will be used, and a new SWP or RMF may be required for it.

Before considering the purchase of a new chemical or Hazardous material, the HS633b pre-purchase form for hazardous materials must be completed and submitted to the Supervisor of the area where that equipment will be used, and a new SWP or RMF may be required for it.

All new SWPs should be submitted directly to your Academic Supervisor, or the area supervisor for approval online before work begins.

All SWPs should be regularly reviewed and updated as new activities are undertaken.