Computer Laboratory Regulations

1. All users  must  undergo  induction, agree to comply with  these  rules,  and observe ergonomic arrangements for their work-spaces.
2. Food  and  drink  are  not  to  be  consumed  at  any  time  in computer laboratories.
3. Under no circumstance is the 240 V mains power to be used for any purpose other than that approved by the School. 
4. Tampering  with  or  removal of any equipment is strictly forbidden.     
5. Data network connections should  not be  altered.   Personal equipment may not be connected to the School data network without first obtaining permission.
6. Users  are  expected  to  conduct  themselves in a reserved and professional manner at all times.  All noise should be kept to a minimum.
7. All bags should be stored out of walk-ways.
8. Users should clean and tidy their work-stations when they have   finished, shut-down the PC, and turn out the lights (if last to leave).
9. Faulty equipment and any other concerns should be reported to staff who may not otherwise be aware of the problem.
10. Users must also comply with UNSW’s policies & procedures about Acceptable Use of UNSW Information and Communication Technology Resources.