Laboratory Regulations

1. All laboratory users must undergo induction and agree to comply with laboratory rules. They must read any required safety manuals.
2.  No bare feet or exposed, open  footwear (e.g. sandals) are permitted.   
3. Food and drink are not to be consumed at any time in laboratories.
4.  Under no circumstance is the 240 V, 50 Hz mains power to be used for any purpose other than that approved by the School.  Only authorised   personnel   are     allowed   to  alter  power connections (50 V  above)  or connect any equipment to mains power.
5. Tampering with or removal of any laboratory equipment is strictly forbidden.     
6. Data network connections should  not be  altered. Personal equipment may not be connected to the School data network without first obtaining permission.
7. Personal mobile phones are not to be operated at any time within a laboratory.
8. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a reserved manner at all times. All noise is to be kept to a minimum.
9.  All bags should be stored under benches.
10. Students should clean and tidy their workstations when they have finished and return all leads before leaving the laboratory.
11. Faulty equipment should be reported to laboratory staff who may not otherwise be aware of the problem.