Safety in Photonics Laboratories

Engineering laboratories are potentially dangerous places.  Rules regulating behaviour apply in the photonics laboratories, just as they do elsewhere in the School whose generic rules are displayed
elsewhere.  The following extra rules apply to the relevant hazards.

Broken Glass     
1. All fibre off-cuts must be disposed of correctly, into the yellow containers provided. Be aware that fragments of glass may be present on any surface (floors, bench-tops, shelves, etc) in the rooms, so look before resting your hand, elbow, etc. 
Laser radiation can damage your eyes, even when invisible. 
2.    Never look into an operating laser or the end of an optical fibre.   
3.    Always ensure that your laser-beams are terminated by a suitable non-reflective surface. Check this is the case.
4.    Be careful to prevent accidental reflections & refractions that may send the laser-beam in unintended directions or accidentally pointing an optical fibre at someone.
5.    Always keep any metallic objects (e.g. watches, rings, pens) out of a laser-beam. 
6.    Whenever possible, arrange the experiment so that you are not working with lasers at eye-height.
7.    Unattended lasers must be switched off. 
8.    Lasers of class 3B or 4 (which are never eye-safe) must not be used without special permission and suitable extra arrangements being in place. 
Rotating Machinery
9.    Always ensure that fingers and any loose materials such as a sleeves and hair are kept well away from moving parts.  
Hot Surfaces
10. Be careful not to touch any metal surfaces heated by white light sources.

You will appreciate that there can be NO tolerance of unsafe behaviour. We must exclude any student who does not comply with laboratory safety requirements (including the wearing of appropriate shoes).