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Who to see for assistance with administrative matters

Administrative Matters Who to contact Room Phone
Examinations – timetabling, papers, results
Student progression & graduation
Gladys Fong G1A 54000

 4th year thesis database

Nelly Taubman G7 56051


Nelly Taubman G7  56051

 School website - including secure login

Dr Ming Sheng G14 54057

 Keys and security access

School Office G1 54000

 Casual academic pay claims

Gladys Fong  G1A 54000

 Petty cash reimbursement claim

Bamini Pratheepan  G1 54000

Travel arrangements
Expense reimbursemens 
Accounts Receiveable (invoicing)

May Park  G17 54003

School IT Services

Dr Ming Sheng  G14 54057

Publications data collection

Nelly Taubman  G7  56051 

 School financial policies, general and non-general funds management and reporting

Gordon Petzer  G5B  56570

 Room bookings

School Office  G1  54000


School Office  G1  54000 

 School safety issues

Zhenyu Liu G15A  55508 

 Facilities maintenance

Annabel Sutherland G8  54009

 Building cleaning

Annabel Sutherland G8  54009 

Stores & Purchasing 
Accounts Payable 
School equipment loans

Doug Davison  G17  54004

 Undergraduate Teaching Labs

Dr Ming Sheng  G14  54057 


Subash Puthanveetil  G17A  54005