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Who to see for assistance with administrative matters

Administrative Matters Who to contact Room Phone

Room bookings /Printing /enrolments / cleaning/ recycle bins / other general enquiries MSE549 54000

 Research Students administrative coordination/ PhD review/ events

Bamini Pratheepan MSE549 54000

 Examinations/ results/ supp exam/ progression check/ graduation/ honours/ scheduling

Natalie Sufong MSE551  54285

 Keys cuts/ keys issue/ swipe access/ rooms/ hot desks/ space/ facilities

Gladys Fong MSE551 54978

 Fixed-term/ visitors/ casual staff/ lab demo payment/ tutors

Gladys Fong MSE551 54978

 Moodle access/ website/ scholarship/ prizes/ publications data collection/ alumni/ news

Nelly Taubman   email  email

 Thesis & Projects moodle login issue/ ThesisA seminars scheduling

Nelly Taubman   email  email

Travel arrangements / Expense reimbursement/ invoicing

May Park  MSE750 54003

School financial policies, general and non-general funds management and reporting

Karen Scott MSE501 56570

Stores/ purchasing/ equipment loans

Doug Davison MSE548  54004

 School Safety issues

Zhenyu Liu  EEG1A 55508


Subash Puthanveetil EEG12B  54005

 School computing networks / students computing labs/ teaching labs

Dr Ming Sheng  EEG8A 54057