Signals, Information and Machine Intelligence (SIMI) Lab

Big data has become mainstream; however, the nature of the signals being collected is evolving.

If your data comprises of signal streams such as such as video, audio, accelerometric data, positioning data, real-time WiFi access information, etc. , instead of discrete data points that fit in a spreadsheet, then we are interested in working with you.

By combining your domain expertise with our expertise in signal processing, machine learning, modelling, mathematics and computing, we can work together to develop the next generation of inference methods.

The Tools of our Trade

Our laboratory is equipped with:
  • A large team of senior and early-career academic staff, postdocs, PhD and honours students.

  • Senior academic collaborators from a diverse range of fields such as telecommunications, data security, statistical modelling, IoT, control theory, etc.

  • High performance computing capabilities and a large library of algorithms/code and scripts.