Iain Skinner

Senior Lecturer
Elect Eng & Telecommunications
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 5153

Electrical Engineering (G17)
room 335
Kensington Campus

Dr Iain Skinner, Senior Lecturer in Photonics, in the School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications

Research interest


Level 1: I explore different ways that students learn.

Level 2: I consider how assessment and motivation interplay in the way students acquire new knowledge.

Level 3: I explore appropriate forms of active learning for students to achieve the necessary level to progress forward and this can be encouraged by suitable assessment.


Interest in engineering

Why did you get into engineering?

It was an accident, but I stayed because it was fun. 

What do people not understand about what you do?

Why it matters.

Advice for prospective electrical engineers

Follow your dreams—or you die wondering.

Lectures/Courses taught

ELEC4122 Strategic leadership & ethics

GSOE9510 Leadership & ethics in engineering

ELEC3115 Electromagnetic engineering

Awards, Grants, Patents


Carrick Institute (now OLT) Citation for teaching


Office of Learning & Teaching (Aust Govt): Driving curriculum and technological change to support writing in the engineering disciplines.