Changing and Confirming Enrolment

Enrolment is your responsibility: you must ensure that you are correctly enrolled by the enrolment deadline

Confirming your enrolment through MyUNSW.

Read the Step-by-step Enrolment Guide 

Changing your enrolment

You can add, drop or swap courses by varying your enrolment in myUNSW
See also the Step-by-step guide to adding, dropping and swapping courses. 

Program transfers

After enrolling, you may find you are unhappy with your program or some of the courses you have chosen. If so, speak to someone in your School Office (address to be added here)to discuss the possibilities open to you.

It may be possible to transfer to another program, but you will need to follow the correct procedures.

Students enrolled in an undergraduate program can apply to transfer to other undergraduate programs via myUNSW. For information on eligibility requirements and lodging an application go to

Where is your Program Authority?

Your program Authority can provide assistance on a range of academic and administrative matters, including program rules, enrolment, academic advice, choice of major, choice of courses and electives, timetables, leave and program transfer.

Locate your Program Authority