Is electrical engineering right for me?

Electrical engineering is widely regarded as one the most challenging disciplines to enter. 

This is because it addresses problems, physical phenomena and techniques that lie beyond the everyday experience of most people. However, these are the features that have given rise to a large part of the technology that we now take for granted and that will continue to do so into the future. 

Electrical engineering is the domain of:

  • micro-electonics; wireless;
  • wired and optical communications;
  • generation, transmission, conversion and conservation of electric power;
  • micro-electromechanical systems;
  • sensors;
  • transducers;
  • embedded devices and much more.

Electrical engineering is also the study of signals, including multimedia signals, and the central discipline that deals with the robust control of systems, from micro machines to a large industrial plant and beyond.  

If you are not one to shy away from a challenge, if you believe you can grasp mathematical concepts, and especially if you want to design products and solutions that can impact a very large number of people, you should be interested in electrical engineering. 

It is worth noting that computer science is closely related to electrical engineering; in fact, computer science grew out of electrical engineering and the two disciplines are often found within a single school in many engineering faculties around the world. 

If you are interested in computing and have a knack for programming, you may also find that a degree in electrical engineering or a double degree is the right choice for you.