Our Facilities

EET Facilities

The School is committed to continuously improving laboratories and learning spaces. There are many course specific undergraduate teaching laboratories in addition to the specialised research laboratories. These facilities are maintained by a team of dedicated professional and technical officers.

The Electrical Engineering Building is equipped with wireless Internet access. Various areas around the building have been furnished to provide spaces where students can gather and either study or have discussions comfortably with the wireless Internet and laptop power support.

Descriptions of some of the major learning and teaching spaces are listed below. For more information about research laboratories, please see the Research section of this website.

Distributed Teaching Laboratory 

This is a new initiative proposed by the School, and funded by the university through internal UNSW competitive funding. The School secured this funding to develop distributed laboratory technology, enabling a select group of labs to be “connected”, allowing for interactive and distributed teaching activities in these labs. For larger classes that require multiple labs being utilised simultaneously, this environment allows for teaching activities within the labs to occur in one lab room, with the other lab(s) also benefiting through the video and teleconferencing technology. This laboratory has been fully operational since semester 2, 2011.

Computer Laboratories

These facilities are for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students. They are regularly updated with new computers and software. There are a total of 60 computers in the labs, capable of multimedia functions for watching lecture videos, a scanner, a colour printer, and a black and white printer. The facilities enable students to undertake general purpose computing such as word processing and internet-based work as well as more technical computing involving Matlab, C compilers, and other CAD-based software. These labs have extended hour access for students.

Signal Processing and Systems Laboratory

This teaching laboratory was designed for signal processing, microelectronics and systems and control education. The design incorporates a wall-mounted electronic whiteboard, which serves as an interactive electronic whiteboard and is networked with 30 student workstations. All computers have been updated in the lab and facilities for multi-site video conferencing have been installed. This provides an excellent facility where lectures can be delivered in Room G3 and watched in Room 214, and visa-versa. The lab is often used also for interactive tutorials, and the lecturer or tutor can select a student’s monitor and project it onto the whiteboard for annotation and explanation.

Hardware Design Project Laboratory 

This room has been set up such that Electrical Engineering or Telecommunications students can undertake hardware related projects at any level.

High Voltage Laboratory

This laboratory provides a unique facility in Australia for teaching, testing and research activities in High Voltage Power Engineering.

Other teaching laboratories include

Electronic; microprocessor; electrical energy and utilisation; high voltage and heavy current; systems and control; telecommunications; photonics; mobile telecommunications; data network; surface mount and various undergraduate thesis project laboratories.