Latest News & Events

Jessie Knapstein speaks at UNSW SPREE
12 August 2016

Location and time: Friday 12th August, 13:00 in LG05.

TITLE: Disaggregating renewable energy technology learning curves

Rob Nicholls speaks at UNSW SPREE
4 August 2016

Location and time: Thursday 4th August, 12:00 in LG03

TITLE: Regulatory issues facing community PV and lessons learned from telecommunications

Udo Romer Speaks at UNSW SPREE
14 July 2016

Location and time: Thursday 21st July, 13:00 in LG05.

TITLE: Polycrystalline silicon as carrier selective contact for silicon solar cells

In Profile - Prof Martin Green

A 40 year history of the World Leading Photovoltaic Labs at UNSW

The photovoltaic laboratories at UNSW commenced in 1974 when Prof Green joined the University. This presentation highlights some of the key events and personalities contributing to the subsequent 40 years history. See Stuart, Zhengrong and Alistair as young students, find out what led to the first 20% efficient silicon cell and the PERC cell, now becoming the industry standard, and find out about our recent 40% result.


An overview of the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Solar Cells: ABC Catalyst
A story about our new world record

SPREE Research Status Seminar

The 2015 end of year research status update (5 talks) for the UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering for staff, alumni and industry partners. Darren Bagnall, Head of School - Intro -- Martin Green - world-wide status of the PERC Cell (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) -- Brett Hallam - Light induced degradation in solar cells and the solution -- Muriel Watt - Energy Storage -- Alistair Sproul - Energy Efficiency