There are many ways to engage with the expertise of the School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering.  By working together, we can find the best outcomes for all involved.


Our school has excellent facilities that have been used to create some of the best silicon solar cells in the world, as well as revolutionising manufacturing techniques.  Our academics are devoted to discovering just what is possible.  If you have an area you would like to know more about, you can connect with an academic or commission further research.

Intellectual Property

The School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering has developed a number of technologies available under license. 


Complex problems require clever solutions.  If you need our expertise to solve a complex issue, you can engage our academics to investigate on your behalf.

Student Recruitment

Our students are trained in an exciting and dynamic field with the latest up to date information.  Engaging them as they graduate or even before enables you to gain from their skills.

Industry Training

We provide a vehicle for industry to access expertise and know-how.

Short Courses

We aim to provide an opportunity for experienced professionals to gain an understanding of photovoltaics and renewable energy engineering through a number of short courses that can be completed online.