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UNSW Applied Photovoltaics Online 12 Week Short Course
Applied Photovoltaics Online Course, SPREE UNSW


 Intake Dates for 2014

Feb 6, 2014 Course Admin Opens for Questions and for Purchase of Course Packs
Mar 12, 2014 Course starts for first intake
April 16, 2014 Course starts for second intake
May 14, 2014 Course starts for third intake
June 18, 2014 Course starts for fourth and last intake of the year

Participants need to finish the course 12 to 16 weeks from the intake starting date.

Please email for details.

What is Different about this Course?

View two sample slides from the first lecture:

Quick view Slide 4 (Requires Adobe shockwave)

Quick view Slide 6 (Requires Adobe shockwave)

Unlike other on-line courses:

  • Photovoltaic Devices and Applications has a full set of 25 multi-media lectures that come directly from the classroom;
  • These lectures correspond directly to the supplied course book Applied Photovoltaics by Stuart Wenham, Martin A. Green, Muriel E. Watt & Richard Corkish;
  • The multi-media lectures have been edited to make them as direct and as succinct as possible.
  • Each slide uses extensive annotations for clarity;
  • To keep bandwidth down, the lectures are delivered on a DVDRom ~ the web is used only to pass assignments to tutors and for asking questions.

All of this gives the look and the feel of actually being in the classroom. With the audio from the lecturer and the annotated slides it is easy to get the feel of what is really important..

All prospective students are requested to email for availability and registration details.

The School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering is offering online Photovoltaic Devices & Applications.

Applied Photovoltaics (classroom based) is both a 4th year Electrical Engineering Professional Elective (SOLA 3540) and a Postgraduate course (SOLA 9001). The main difference between the Internet course Photovoltaic Devices & Applications and the classroom course Applied Photovoltaics is the loss of the laboratory component and the lack of a formal final exam (replaced by project written work).

The internet course is tailored to professional engineers & architects (or those with similar educational backgrounds) wishing to develop expertise in the field.

There are no prerequisites for this course, however, it is recommended that participants of the engineering strand have a firm grasp of 2nd year university level mathematics. In prior similar courses over 30% of those without these mathematical bases failed to complete the course. Those interested in participating in the course without this mathematics background should seek advice by emailing

Participants should allocate 6 hours per week to this course.

Please note: No Academic Credit is available for this course.

Key Dates

Please email for details.

Course Duration 12 to 16 Weeks (max 16)
Start of Course Mid Mar, Apr, May & Jun
Finish of Course 12 to 16 Weeks after start


$AU1490 Including Course Materials

Enrolment & Registration

Enrolment is by application via email to

Course Materials and Payment

All materials are supplied by the UNSW bookshop: UNSW Bookshop PV Coursepack

Australian residents, please note that this course is GST Free.

Credit Card Transactions are charged in Australian dollars ($AU) and will be billed by your bank based on the exchange rate of the day.

Multimedia Lectures

25 Multimedia Lectures from the UNSW Applied Photovoltaics Course are now included in this on-line course. Lectures range between 40 and 50 minutes.

DVD Rom format requirements:

  • Windows 98 through to Windows 7
  • OSX
  • Minimum resolution: 800 x 600.

Please note: the DVD will not run on a standard DVD player - a computer is required.

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