SPREE Alumni Johanna Bowyer 2016

Johanna Bowyer

Degree: Photovoltaics and Solar Energy EngineeringSPREE Alumni Johanna Bowyer

Graduation Year: 2016


What motivated you to choose the PV/RE degree?

I wanted to choose a topic where I would be able to make a positive impact on the world. I also did a project on solar panels in my final year of high school physics and found it super interesting. I spoke with a friend in the year above me at high school who had also done the degree, and it sounded like a great program. UNSW has incredible credentials in the solar energy space and a lot of exciting research going on. So I knew this was the right place to study solar engineering. 

What is your current role and where? What are the things you do in this role?

I am currently working in management consulting at A.T. Kearney Sydney, as an Associate. In this role I help clients in a range of industries to develop strategy, improve their business performance and maximise growth. There is no typical day in management consulting! I’ve worked across many different industries such as food and beverage, energy, financial services, telecommunications and government across many different functions such as strategy, procurement and project management. 

Are you involved in any interesting projects?
I was involved in a super interesting project on building new digital business solutions with a company in Kuala Lumpur. I really enjoyed the topic and I was working with a fantastic team. I also did an interesting piece on the market entry strategy for an international organisation who were looking to move into the renewable energy space in Australia. So I have been working on a very broad range of topics - and they are all enjoyable because they are always new and different.

What do you believe are the unique skills that you developed in your PV/RE degree? How have these skills helped you during your career?

The most important skills for a management consultant are problem solving, analytics, communication and team work skills. The PV/RE degree really helps you develop skills in data analysis, critical thinking and communication of findings and insights. While I was undertaking my PV degree I also did a few internships (as part of the Co-op program), worked as an uni ambassador and did solar energy research work. I found my degree, internships and work experience equipped me with key skills in data analysis & communication that have been so valuable in my role now - and which I'm sure will be valuable into the future too.


What was the first role you took on after graduation?

The first role I took on after graduation was a Business Analyst at A.T. Kearney, and since then I have continued working at A.T. Kearney in various positions. The first year or so at A.T. Kearney was very focused on research and data analysis, and now I have been working more on strategy and recommendations. The reason I applied for A.T. Kearney was that, after finishing uni I wanted to apply my skills to new problems in a range of industries to get a broad understanding of the business world. So, I decided to join consulting as this is the perfect job to give you a range of interesting experiences and broader knowledge. I hope to zoom in on the energy space once again soon.


What do you believe can be your contribution to the industry and to society?

I would like to help drive the shift towards a more sustainable future.