Public Seminar - Rhett Evans 10 September 2014

Rhett Evans (UNSW SPREE)

Location and time: Wed 10th September, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: Statistical approaches

Statistical approaches for the interpretation of manufacturing variance

Most of the price reduction in PV over the last 30 years has come about due to improvements in manufacturing. The industry is still likely to expand by 10-20 fold in coming years, and the management and use of data will be crucial to identifying opportunities to improve manufacturing further. There are many published studies related to data mining or advance statistical practices in other manufacturing sectors, but very little work published in the field of PV manufacturing. This seminar will draw on work from recent IEEE and forthcoming EUPVSEC submissions that show how a vectorial representation of cell to cell differences can be used to examine detailed relationships between the underlying cell performance parameters – the Isc, Voc, FF, Rs and Rsh. This lends insights into the origin of variance in the manufacturing process, into the control of the manufacturing line, and also the detailed operation of the cell itself.

Rhett Evans received his Bachelor of Engineering degree (Electrical) with Honours Class 1 from UNSW in 1997. Rhett has worked with Pacific Solar and then CSG Solar in the development of thin film technologies, working initially in process development, then as the Pilot Line manager and finally as the Technical Director. During this time he was involved in the development of new technologies at the laboratory scale as well as in pilot manufacturing in Germany. More recently Rhett has been the Technical Director of Suntech R&D Australia working with the manufacturing facilities of Suntech in China. This role has been in part time capacity since mid-2013, when he began a full time PhD at UNSW. Rhett’s area of research is in developing statistical models for PV manufacturing systems, and using data driven approaches to optimise PV manufacturing around product principles.

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