Teaching PV Manufacturing - new website

A/Prof Bram Hoex - UNSW SPREEThe School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE) has released a new online platform focussing on photovoltaic manufacturing on PV-Manufacturing.org.

The PV-Manufacturing.org platform complements the PV education.org website which focusses on the basics and operating properties of solar cells. The PV-Manufacturing.org platform was developed in project funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) via the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics (ACAP).

The project was a collaboration between UNSW Sydney and its PLuS alliance partner Arizona State University. According to Associate Professor Bram Hoex, who lead the project and is Editor in Chief of the Website, “Our goal was to develop a flexible online platform that can serve as the de facto standard resource for photovoltaic manufacturing. As the field of photovoltaic manufacturing is very dynamic, we decided to go for an online platform instead of a textbook as this will allow us to keep the content up to date. This also allowed us to include some tailored animations and videos which are very powerful to explain the complex physical and chemical processes used in the manufacturing of solar cells. It also complements the PV Factory, a virtual solar cell production line, which allows making and analyse virtual solar cells. Combined, the three platforms, PV Education, PV Factory and PV Manufacturing, allows both students and PV engineers throughout the world to learn the basics of solar cell operation and manufacturing and to put this in to practice in a (virtual) production line.”

The first iteration of the PV-Manufacturing.org website was released in January 2018 and it will be constantly updated with new and revised content.


For additional information or if you are interested to contribute, please contact A/Prof Bram Hoex: b.hoex@unsw.edu.au


Below is a sample video from the new website:


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