Next public research seminars

Location and time: Thursday 24th January, 12:00 in TETB LG03.

SPEAKERS: Martin Green (UNSW).

TITLE: Can Photovoltaics provide a technical fix to controlling CO2 emissions?

Over the last three years, there has been a massive reduction in photovoltaic system costs both here in Australia and overseas. Annual worldwide installed capacity continues to grow rapidly with reasonable prospects of increasing from the 2018 figure of 109 gigawatt/year to a terawatt/year sometime over the next decade. The significance of this level is that, if displacing coal from electricity generation or oil from transport, this would reduce global CO2 emissions by approximately the 5%/year figure targeted in the more aggressive IPCC scenarios. One consequence of such an outcome would be massive amounts of electricity available around noon on sunny days, which opens up new opportunities for storage, load shifting, new daytime loads including electric vehicle charging and solar fuel production and export via long-distance transmission.
The presentation will present recent data on photovoltaic costs and volumes and discuss some of these opportunities.

Martin Green!