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Opportunities for the Use of Building Integrated Photovoltaics in NSW

Muriel Watt, John Kaye, Dean Travers, Iain MacGill
Photovoltaics Special Research Centre, UNSW

Deo Prasad, P.C.Thomas, Liz Fox, SOLARCH, UNSW
Serryn Jansen, Allen, Allen & Hemsley.

Graphics of Energy Production
(kWh/m^2/day) as a Function of Orientation and Tilt
Angle for Canberra: Annual and by Month.

 Sample plot of Annual Energy Production as a function of tilt angle for Canberra

Annual Solar Insolation for Canberra by Dr Mureil Watt

Click here to download the plots - Energy Production (kWh/m^2/day) as a Function of
Orientation and Tilt Angle for Canberra: Annual and by Month


European Solar Radiation Atlas

Hong Kong

  • Monthly Meteorogical Normals and Extremes in Hong Kong



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