PC1D - Software for modelling a solar cell

PC1D is a computer program written for IBM-compatible personal computers that solves the fully coupled nonlinear equations for the quasi-one-dimensional transport of electrons and holes in crystalline semiconductor devices, with emphasis on photovoltaic devices.

PC1D requires at least an 80386 CPU and an 80387 math coprocessor (note that most 80486 and Pentium processors have the math coprocessor built-in). Only one file is necessary to run the program, PC1D.EXE. The additional file PC1D.HLP provides on-screen help, and several additional files are provided which contain material parameters for selected semiconductors, standardized solar spectra, and example problems. All of the files can be simply copied into the directory of choice; no setup program is required. To store files of different type in different directories, see the instructions for the Options menu.

Please note that MS Vista does not support the 32-bit Help file format used in PC1D. MS may be able to provide a program to allow the PC1D Help files to be read by Vista users.

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The source code for PC1D has been made freely available, thanks to the generous support of Dr. Donald Clugston, through Source Forge. Please access the files here.

Discussion and exchange of future changes and improvements to the source code will be mediated here

The latest verified and trusted version of PC1D, as of February 2008, is available for free download here:

UNSW no longer offers technical support for PC1D.

Conference papers on PC1D

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