Undergraduate course outlines

Please see the list of courses offered in Semesters 1 and 2.

Make sure that you look at the correct career and semester, and then click on a course code to download the course outline, in PDF format.

Semester 1

Undergraduate Course Course Name
SOLA2051 Project 1A
SOLA2060 Electronic Devices
SOLA3507 Solar Cells
SOLA4012 Grid-Connected Photovoltaics
SOLA4910 Thesis Part A
SOLA4911 Thesis Part B
SOLA5050 Renewable Energy Policy and International programs
SOLA5052 Biomass
SOLA5053 Wind Energy Converters
SOLA5057 Energy Efficiency


Semester 2

Undergraduate Course Course Name
SOLA1070 Sustainable Energy
SOLA2052 Project 1B
SOLA2053 Sustainable and Renewable Energy Technology
SOLA2540 Applied Photovoltaics
SOLA3010 Low Energy Buildings and Photovoltaics
SOLA3020 Photovoltaic Technology and Manufacturing
SOLA4910 Thesis Part A
SOLA4911 Thesis Part B
SOLA5051 Life Cycle Assessment
SOLA5054 PV Stand Alone System Design and Installation
SOLA5055 Semiconductor Devices
SOLA5056 Sustainable Energy for Developing Countries