Special Consideration

On some occasion sickness, misadventure, or other circumstances beyond your control may prevent you from completing a course requirement or attending or submitting assessable work for a course.

UNSW has centralised procedures for consideration of applications, the full University policy on special consideration can be found here.

You should note that merely submitting a request for Special Consideration does not automatically mean that you will be granted additional assessment, or that you will be awarded an amended result.

You must make a formal application for Special Consideration for the course(s) affected as soon as practicable after the problem occurs and within three working days of the assessment to which it refers. You can only apply for assessment tasks worth more than 20% of the total course assessment.

SPREE Supplementary Exam Dates

Semester 1 Thu 13 July 2017  
Semester 2 Wed 6 Dec 2017  


  • Students who are granted supplementary exams for multiple courses may be required to sit a supplementary exam on another day;
  • There will be NO further supplementary exam dates set for students who do not have grounds for special consideration;
  • These dates may be subject to change and will be confirmed prior to the start of Semester;
  • All eligible students to sit a supplementary exam will receive a notification via email at least 1-2 days prior to the supplementary exams;
  • If you have submitted a request for special consideration, it is your responsibility to check your email during that period, and to be prepared to complete an exam and/or assessment on the dates indicated above.