Accident, incident and hazard report and investigation

All hazards and incidents are to be reported online through MyUNSW within the “My Staff Profile” section then click on the Harm to Zero (H2O) logo. This reporting system will alert your supervisor and SPREE WHS coordinator once the report has been submitted.

Reports and corrective actions relating to SPREE are set agenda items for SPREE HS Committee meetings. Identified failures to implement appropriate corrective actions in the risk-assessed time frame are brought to the attention of the Head of School to raise the issue with the responsible unit/ staff.

Reports are based in the following categories:

  • Health and Safety Hazard
  • Health and Safety Incident/ Injury
  • Environment
  • Workplace Inspection
  • First aid
  • Security

For further details on reporting hazard and incident, please refer to the reporting guidelines and procedure on HS website