Emergency management

SPREE commits and follows to UNSW emergency procedure in any events of fire, medical emergency, bomb threat, suspect package, power outage, hazardous materials, environmental, person threat, natural disasters and evacuations. In case of emergencies, contact the UNSW Emergency Management Unit on (02) 9385 6666 or Freecall 1800 626 003

Designated component building wardens, involved in chief warden, deputy chief wardens, and floor wardens, and first aiders have volunteered to assist during emergency situation in different locations. The list is shown in UNSW Facilities Management for staff website.

Other SPREE Health and Safety contacts

The following people should be contacted in regard to specific areas. If you are unable to contact those specified below or are uncertain of the precise nature of the hazard, please contact the SPREE WHS coordinator, Mable Fong.

Person Specialist area Phone
Trevor Young Chemicals/ Safety 02 9385 0717
Xiaojing Hao Radiation 02 9385 4381
Henner Kampwerth Laser Radiation 02 9385 7591
Mark Silver Facilities 02 9385 6150
Jill Lewis/ Nancy Sharopeam Induction 02 9385 6152
Nicholas Shaw Storage 02 9385 4989

Large scale spill kits 

The following large scale spill kits are available to SPREE staff / students where in the event of a spill, you may require more resources on top of your lab spill response kit. For all spills please refer to the manufacturers SDS, CHEMALERT and the UNSW spills procedure (HS421 Chemical Spills Guideline).

Kit Location
1 Level 1 – goods lift foyer
2 Level 2 – goods lift foyer
3 Level 4 – goods lift foyer