Risk management

The objective of the Work Health and Safety (HS) legislation is for employers and employees to cooperate to develop a safe work environment by providing regulations and guidelines for each party to fulfil their duty of care in managing risk.

The School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE) is pro-active to ensure the safety its staff and students and have developed HS procedures to manage the risks in SPREE. It is important for staff and students to be well informed in SPREE HS procedures and comply with the SPREE Risk Management Procedure from purchasing -> planning experiment -> performing experiment -> completion. Below is a number of important HS information source:


SPREE Risk Management Procedure and Safe Operating Procedure and Risk Assessment

SPREE Risk Management Procedure is the main document which provides SPREE staff and students risk management procedures in conjunction with UNSW procedure and guidelines. Below are also two useful sources of HS information:

  • UNSW WHS Policies and Procedures in the UNSW WHS website.
  • Governmental WHS related Acts and Regulation, Standards, Code of Practise and other useful resources, click here.

The overall SPREE Risk Management Procedure is illustrated in the diagram below:

WHS Risk Management at UNSW SPREE

Risk Identification/Quantification

SPREE has developed Safety Operating Procedure and Risk Assessment Templates* (SOPRA) to assist SPREE staff and students document and develop safe working procedure through a systematic methodology of assessing risks and developing practical control measures. A User Guide to how the templates are to be used is available.

*(accessible only from UNSW network and Internet Explorer).

Risk Monitoring/Control/Management

Once a SOPRA has been completed and authorised,

  • the SOPRA is uploaded into the SPREE HS Records (accessible only from UNSW network and Internet Explorer);
  • the control measures to be implemented.

There are also HS Workplace Inspection that SPREE HS Committee perform on a regular basis.

Risk Review

The risk in SPREE is reviewed either:

  • on a 52 weeks scheduled review
  • on a needs basis due to an reported/identified concerns, incident or imprompt actions.

These review/updates will then be documented and uploaded into SPREE HS Records (accessible only from UNSW network and Internet Explorer).