SPREE WHS consultation and committee

The general WHS Consultation Procedure is as follows:

  1. First consult your supervisor;
  2. If WHS concerns are unresolved, consult your WHS representative.

In addition, there is:

  • a WHS segment at the monthly SPREE Overview Meeting;
  • staff and students may submit agendas to the SPREE WHS Committee Quarterly Meeting. Meeting agenda and minutes can be retrieved in R drive. (accessible only from UNSW network and Internet Explorer)

SPREE Health and Safety Committee

Workgroup Management Representative
Head of School

Prof Alistair Sproul

Committee Chair 

Mr Mark Griffin

Committee Secretary
Faculty of Engineering
Alex Tillman


Employee Representative


Ms Patricia Xu


A/Prof Ashraf Uddin

Lab Development & Operation Team 1

Mr Mark Griffin

Lab Development & Operation Team 2

Mr Kian Chin

Research: Advanced Concepts 1

Dr Shujuan Huang

Research: Advanced Concepts 2

Dr Robert Patterson

Research: Commercials PV 1

Mr Aref Samadi

Research: Commercials PV 2/ Postgraduate Students

Research: System and Policy 1

Mr Jinyi Guo 


DNathan Chang


Other relevant UNSW committees: Institutional Biosafety Committee and Radiation Safety Committee