Training and induction

All staff or students intending to work in the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE) are required to be formally inducted into the School from a Health & Safety perspective. Where required, they must also undertake specific training for particular work areas.

Induction documents

The following table is available to SPREE supervisors when welcoming new staff, students, visitors or contractors into their work area.


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+ Staff and students can self enrol into online inductions via UNSW HS website
# Face to face training courses - self enrolment via MyUNSW
* All contractors must contact one of our lab development team member to undertake appropriate induction. Contact PV Assist on 02 9385 6152



Training guide for SPREE staff and students

The table below outlines the training requirements for SPREE staff and research students. For further details please contact PV Assist on 02 9385 6152

Key to terms in SPREE training procedure:

  • All necessary training: Training needs to be completed before the beginning of major research/work. The required training must be completed before a person can arrange unsupervised access to a SPREE laboratory. This training needs to be renewed every 3 years or earlier if specified by the Space Manager or supervisor.

  • Specialist training: Where a researcher intends to work in specialist area(s), they must undertake the required specialist training before starting work in that area.

  • Note to supervisors: Due to specialised research undertaken in many research groups, there may be other training that your staff and students need to complete (provided by scientific companies for scientific equipment/techniques) not covered here. Please ensure you confirm any extra training required and address this where necessary.

Training needs analysis 1

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# Face to face training course - self enrolment via MyUNSW
^ Government approved licence required
Ω Equipment owner list is available here
‡ Contact PV Assist on 02 9385 6152

SPREE General induction, Laboratory presentation, Hazard substances are scheduled every month. The documentation materials can be found in PV intranet.