Combined Degrees

Optical Bench at UNSW Photovoltaics SPREE

Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Science

The School offers both the Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Engineering program and the Renewable Energy Engineering program combined with a Bachelor of Science. This combined degree enables you to extend your knowledge of scientific concepts that form the basis for engineering principles and applications. The combined degree requires 5 years of full-time study.

A popular combination is photovoltaic studies with a science degree in physics. Physics is important for understanding how a solar cell works and with this combined degree you will be well placed for a future research career improving photovoltaic devices. There are many more science areas you can major in and, with the cross-disciplinary nature of many renewable energy applications; your science skills will be highly valued.

Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Arts

This is a 5.5-year, full-time program. 

By combining Engineering studies with a Bachelor of Arts, you can enhance your communication, research and analytical skills. These are important for engineers, who not only design solutions to problems but also communicate these solutions to a broader community of both engineers and non-engineers. Also, engineers operate in a wide range of roles and liaise with members of industry, the government and community, and they manage staff and instigate change. If you are wishing to work on renewable energy applications in developing countries a possible combination is to learn a language that will enable you to communicate with local villagers and colleagues.

Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Commerce

Both of the School's undergraduate programs can be combined with a Bachelor of Commerce. This program takes 5.5 years full-time to complete.

The BE/BCom has been introduced is to enhance the technical and scientific expertise of Engineering graduates with an understanding of commercial and financial principles that will assist them in managing projects, obtaining finance for the commercialisation of new products, creating and managing companies, managing the manufacture and marketing of products, accurately predicting and monitoring market and economic trends.

Bachelor of Engineering/ Bachelor of Laws

Both of the School's undergraduate programs can be combined with a Bachelor of Laws. This is a 6-year, full-time program.

The BE/LLB is intended for potential engineers who wish to become more aware of legal and social aspects of the engineering profession and skilled in technical management, or potential legal practitioners who wish to add a strong technical dimension to their education and training.