About the School

The UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering grew out of the Australian Research Council Photovoltaics Centre of Excellence in response to the growing industry of renewable energy. Building on world-leading research, including holding the record for the most efficient silicon solar cell for over two decades, the Bachelor of Engineering in Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Engineering was launched, soon followed by a Bachelor of Engineering in Renewable Energy Engineering.  We offer education in a dynamic area, some of the finest research in the world and the chance to partner with industry in an exciting field.

For over two decades The University of New South Wales has been a world leader in research and commercialisation of high performance silicon solar cells.  The UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering was established in order to enable a greater number of students to specialise in photovoltaics (the science and the engineering practice of turning sunshine directly into electricity by using solar cells). With energy becoming an increasingly important world-wide issue, the breadth of our teaching in Photovoltaic Engineering was increased to include Renewable Energy Engineering.

On the postgraduate level, we currently have many PhD and Masters Degree candidates and many of these will go on to work world-wide in the explosively growing photovotaics or renewable energy industries. At the last count, 35 of our higher degree graduates had CEO, CTO or other senior management positions in some of the world's largest photovoltaics companies.

It is an exciting time for engineers who choose to look at a world needing increasing amounts of energy and seeing the solution being in utilising the renewable resources available to everyone; sunshine, wind, rain, tides and biomass, to name a few.

World-wide there is a real need for the specialties that we teach. If you are interested in these specialties we invite you to consider studying with us.