Outreach Year 11 Photovoltaics Engineering Studies

The course materials that comprise this project were developed by the School of Photovoltaics & Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Funding for the project was kindly provided by the Department of Environment and Conservation NSW ‘Climate Action Grant’ (Ref no: C06/CAG/043).

Year 11 NSW Engineering Studies Photovoltaics Elective Module Course Packs

This page contains a set of course materials for New South Wales Engineering Studies teachers to teach a school-based elective module in Photovoltaics (Solar energy used to produce electricity). This option is available to Year 11 Preliminary teachers of Engineering Studies. This course pack can be used by anyone who is interested in learning or teaching Photovoltaics. If you wish to distribute the materials, they must be distributed free-of-charge.

The course pack can be downloaded in three forms by clicking the relevant links below. There is one version with the full resolution video (“coursepackhi.zip”), a low-resolution video version (“coursepacklo.zip”) and a version without video at all (“coursepackno.zip”). The high-resolution version is a larger file size, taking longer to download.

Click to download ~ estimated download time for connection speed is provided in the table.

  Connection Speed -> 56Kbps 512kbps 1024Kbps 1536Kbps 2048Kbps
  1. CoursepackHi.zip 250Mb 9h55m 1h05m 32m 21m 16m
  2. CoursepackLo.zip 136Mb 5h23m 35m 17m 11m 8m
  3. CoursepackNo.zip 13Mb 3m 1m 1m 1m 1m

This package includes a module teaching program, teacher's resource document, a self-study PowerPoint presentation for students to work through on their own, an engineering report assignment sheet, a sample engineering report, experiment guides, worksheets and worksheet solutions.

The two main components of the course materials are the self-study PowerPoint (filename: “runme_start.pps”) and the Teacher’s Resource Document (123 pages ~ filename: “teachresrce.pdf,” which can be found in the subdirectory entitled, “coursefiles”). The teacher’s resource document, as with all documents in this pack, are accessible via the Self-Study PowerPoint unit.

Here are some screenshots from the Self-Study PowerPoint:

and Teacher’s Resource Document:


The course pack uses videos in MPEG-I format, thereby improving compatibility with Macintosh computers. The Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer for both Macintosh and PC, are also included in the course packs for those without PowerPoint software that is needed to run the PowerPoint file. Microsoft also offers latest versions of these viewers on the company website free-of-charge. If you do not have MS PowerPoint, you will need to download the appropriate viewer for your system before attempting to run the files.

It is intended that students work through the self-study PowerPoint presentation by themselves, asking questions when they have difficulty. The Teacher’s Resource Document contains detailed background information for the teacher to be able to answer student’s queries. There are also worksheets (and solutions) available in the “coursefiles” subdirectory of the course pack. These worksheets can be done by students as homework tasks.