Types of renewable energy engineering

Renewable energy engineering encompasses the rich spectrum of all of the renewable energy technologies currently being developed and engineering them to make the most of all renewable energy sources.

This is a very broad field: from micro-hydro systems to mega-scale wind energy and solar thermal projects. Solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, tides, wind & biomass are all available to be used and optimised.

Renewable energy engineering makes the most of all energy sources available in any situation.

Large scale solar thermal systems

These energy source include:

  • Solar thermal technology
  • Wind power generation
  • Energy from biomass
  • Second-generation biofuels
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low energy buildings
  • and, of course, photovoltaics

Career opportunities

Prospective employers for renewable energy engineers include energy utilities like AGL and Infigen, the Australian Electrical Market Organisation (AEMO), engineering companies such as AECOM and renewable energy companies like Pacific Hydro.