Engineering Student Centre FAQs


Some students may find that graphing or programmable calculators are helpful for doing assignments or for use in class, however only certain calculators are allowed to be used in exams.

You will have to make sure that you have an approved calculator before you sit your end of semester exams and that it has an official 'UNSW APPROVED‘ sticker attached to the underside. You can get an approval sticker from your School Office or the Engineering Student Centre.

For a full list of approved models see myUNSW > UNSW Examinations: Calculators

Internal program transfers

Not happy with the degree that you've chosen? Or just want to change the type of Engineering that you're doing? You may be eligible for an Internal Program Transfer.

For more information, undergraduates should visit myUNSW -> Internal Program Transfer

Postgraduates can download an application form with more information. 

Application for postgraduate internal program transfer [188 kb]

Leave and Deferral

Deferral is for students who have not yet commenced studying. You may defer for one or two semesters, depending on your program. You will be guaranteed a place in your program when you return. You can apply for deferral at the time of accepting your offer through the Online Acceptance process, or, if you have already accepted your offer, you can fill out a paper-application and return it to Student Central.
Program enrolment variation form [70 kb]

Leave is for students who have completed at least one semester of study. You can usually be granted up to two semesters of leave, not necessarily consecutive, with no supporting documents necessary. In extenuating circumstances, you may request more than two semesters over the duration of your degree, however this will only be granted at the discretion of your Program Authority.

For more information on Program leave and to download the form, visit

Who can I get to sign my form?

Most forms need to be signed by one or more authorities. Here is an explanation of some of the authorities you might need to approach.


This is the person in charge of the subject that the form relates to, usually the lecturer in charge.
If you don't know who the lecturer in charge is you can find out by looking up your course on the Class Timetable website.


This is somebody from your School Office, e.g. if you are studying Environmental Engineering your School Office is the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, or if you have not yet declared your specialisation, you will need to see the Engineering Student Centre.

Note: Only your own Program Authority can sign forms or approve changes to your enrolment.

Where do I hand in this Assignment/Form/Equipment?


Hard copy assignments usually need to be taken to the School Office of the School that is teaching the course, e.g. if you are a Mechanical Engineering student enrolled in MATS1101 (Engineering Materials and Chemistry), you will need to visit the School of Materials Science & Engineering for information about their course. If you are still unsure then you should ask your lecturer.


Most forms in the standard UNSW format will have the return address in the upper right hand corner of the form, just under the UNSW logo. Non-standard forms are usually specific to and only available from a particular office, in which case the form should be returned to that office.


If you have borrowed software or equipment related to a particular course, you should normally return it to the location from which you first obtained it. If that office or lab is closed and you are unable to return it at another time then you may enquire at the School Office that teaches that course about alternative return options, e.g. if you need to return a software package borrowed for use in a COMPXXXX course and the CSE Help Desk is closed and there is no obvious return box outside the office, then ask at the Computer Science & Engineering School Office.

Is there wireless internet available on campus?

Yes. It is free for students and accessible from almost everywhere.

For more information visit IT at UNSW > UniWide

Where can I access copying, binding or scanning facilities?

Green Print Centre is the UNSW Design, Print and Mail Centre and has a full range of facilities available at 3 locations on campus. For more information see the Green Print Centre Website

The library also offers a range of copying and printing services, many of which are available after hours. For more information visit UNSW > Library > Photocopying

Do I need a particular type of computer to study engineering?

There is no official type of computer recommended for engineering students. Much of the work you will need to complete will be done on special software that will only be available in the university computer labs.

It is recommended however, that students have a readily available internet access and that student email accounts are checked regularly. The university has wireless available across campus so many students find it convenient to have a laptop with wireless capability.