Engineering HPC Allocations Committee

The Engineering HPC Allocations Committee consists of academic staff that help evaluate requests for High Performance Computing resources within the UNSW-wide HPC Resource Allocations scheme.

To apply for High Performance Computing resources, please visit the UNSW-wide HPC Resource Allocations scheme website.  Your application will be assessed by the HPC Allocations Committee and if successful you will be allocated compute time and storage space on the appropriate resource.


The Leonardi Engineering Research Cluster provided sterling service from 2010 to 2017.  During that time, it became one of the key research enablers for the Faculty.  The cluster grew from a handful of users to over 300 researchers and helped produce at least 369 HERDC outputs to 2015 (as documented in the HPC NextGen Business Case): three books, six book chapters, 153 peer-reviewed journal articles and 207 conference papers.  The top twenty users produced successful research outcomes involving more than $15M of external funding in 2015 alone.

The Leonardi cluster will be decommissioned starting from 1st December 2017.  No new accounts will be created after 1st October 2017.  All users will be migrated to better UNSW-wide resources, as detailed in the UNSW Research Computing website.  For more information, please read the Leonardi wiki and the Changes to High Performance Computing presentation notes.