Industry Research Fellowships

UNSW Engineering has launched a new program to enhance its collaboration with industry by offering 25 Industry Research Fellowships in 2017.

These will allow researchers working in the private and government sectors to access the Faculty’s expertise and its multi-million dollar laboratories and facilities to improve products, overcome obstacles and solve specific challenges.

Fellows will spend time working at the Kensington campus on early-stage projects and knowledge transfer. Applications are open to researchers based in Australia and overseas. Appropriate office space and facilities will be made available to Fellows.

Duration of Fellowship

Fellowships will typically be for a duration of up to either six months full-time or 12 months part-time. Once completed, an application for renewal may be submitted.

Application procedure

Applicants need to establish a relationship with a UNSW Engineering researcher, identify areas of mutual research interest and develop an application together. 

The following documents should be emailed by the proposed UNSW Engineering host school or Research Centre.

1. Industry Fellowships application form

2. A proposal detailing the research to be undertaken under the following headings:

  • Outline of activities and expected outcomes 
  • Schedule of proposed visit
  • Details of previous visits to UNSW, if any

3. Applicant's CV

4. Letter of support from the applicant’s employer

One of Engineering's new labs

Selection criteria

  • Professional standing of the applicant
  • Academic standing of the host UNSW partner(s)
  • Outcomes of previous hosting, if relevant
  • Financial commitment of the applicant’s employer, noting that the cost of the research will need to be covered by external funding
  • Likelihood of success of the proposed research and ongoing relationship and collaboration

Application deadline

Applications are currently open.

The outcomes of applications will be determined within four weeks of submission.


Fellows will remain employees of their own company. UNSW Engineering may provide travel assistance where appropriate. The costs associated with undertaking research projects with industry partners on the UNSW campus utilising UNSW facilities will be managed as per UNSW's collaborative research guidelines.


For further information please contact Professor Ian Gibson, Associate Dean (Industry and Innovation) by email or on 0411 864 871.