Your Challenge: Design a prototype cloth mask for further testing. 

When designing your prototype cloth mask, consider:

  • How will your mask create a barrier to respiratory droplets? - Multiple layers of fabrics may reduce the penetration of droplets or some fabrics are waterproof or repel liquid.
  • Will it be adjustable and comfortable?
  • How will it prevent the accumulation of moisture?
  • How will it provide a good fit around faces of different shapes?
  • Will it be machine washable and reusable?
  • Will it look good?

Upload a sketch of your design or even a prototype and tell us about how your design works?

Submit: Make sure you upload it to the Girls in Engineering Club Facebook group or Submit your sketch here by the 19th of July 2020, and you’ll have a chance to win prizes for participating!

Top design will have their designer pendent, shape or earrings laser cut on wood, metal or coloured perspex! See the example below!






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