Head of School

Welcome to the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at UNSW Sydney

Chun Wang

With a long and proud history the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is consistently ranked the highest in Australia. The Engineering and Technology of UNSW has been ranked 1st in Australia in both teaching and research by World University Rankings (2021). The Mechanical Engineering is ranked 35th globally and 1st nationally in Australia, while Aerospace Engineering is ranked 33rd globally and 1st in Australia by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (2020).

Our mission is to nurture students to become industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who also will translate our research to generate societal, economic and environmental impacts. Our staff and students have made significant impacts in Australia and around the world, and their contributions have won numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. With the state-of-the-art facilities, world class researchers and some of the country's brightest engineering students, we are eager and uniquely placed to create transformational technologies to shape the future of industries.

Our research spans both scientific discoveries and technological developments in the broad field of mechanical engineering, including but not limited energy storage, smart devices for health and medical applications, environmentally friendly flame-retardant materials and structures, advanced fibre composite structures, sensors and actuators. In both education and research we focus strongly on partnership with industry, government, and the community. We currently host two ARC Industry Transformation Training Centres, one for automated manufacturing of advanced composite and one for flame retardant and fire safety technologies. We also contribute significantly to a range of industry-led major research programs, including the ARC Research Hub for Integrated Energy Storage Solutions, Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre, and a number of Cooperative Research Centres Projects. Through these strategic partnerships and other direct engagements we collaborate closely with over 100 companies in Australia and across the globe. We have recently established a national laser-based non-destructive evaluation system and three brand new laboratories in additive manufacturing, energy storage and efficiency, flame-retardant materials and fire safety. With these new facilities and our strategic partnerships with industry and government we aspire to tackle significant global challenges to meet demands of society, to improve lives, and to engineer a sustainable future.

Professor Chun Wang
Head of School