Instructions for Demonstrators: Completing the HR63

These instructions are to guide demonstrators and casual academics in the completion of their HR63 forms for the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Oon for assistance. These instructions can also be downloaded at the following link: PDF iconInstructions for Demonstrators Completing the HR63_2019.pdf

For an example of a filled HR63, please see 


Page 1

Part A: Offer of Employment

  1. Fill in your complete name in the top box. This should be as your name appears on student records and your visa, if you are an international student.
  2. Fill in the course number you are demonstrating for. Please only specify one course per form. If you are demonstrating for multiple courses, you need multiple forms.
  3. In the Duties box, fill in the number of hours you will be working. The hours shown here MUST match the hours shown in the course organization chart. See your supervisor prior to filling out this section.
    • Demonstration (number of face-to-face hours per week) hours goes on the “Demonstration – envisaged number of hours per week” line.
    • Other Duties (including preparation, attending meetings, Moodle, etc.) goes on the “Other Duties – envisaged number of hours per week” line.
    • Weeks worked are listed in the “Envisaged Number of Weeks” column. Weeks should be specified—e.g, 1-10.
    • Time allocated to marking goes on the “Casual Marking” line. Fill in the total marking hours allocated to you under “Envisaged number of hours per week”. Leave “Envisaged number of weeks” blank.
    • Time allocated to invigilation hours goes on the “Exam Invigilation” line. Fill in the total invigilation hours allocated to you under “Envisaged number of hours per week”. Leave “Envisaged number of weeks” blank.
    • One-off Duties such as setting up Moodle should go on the “One-off Academic duties Payment” line. Write "Week 1" under the "amount to be paid".

Part B: Employment Declaration and Authority

  1. Sign and date in the indicated place.


Page 2


This section is pre-filled. Please ensure you have a current version of the form with this information filled in.

Declaration by Head of School

You do not need to do anything in this section. The admin team will ensure that it is signed.

Immediate Supervisor

  1. Fill in your course coordinator’s name, zID and office phone number (extension only) in the indicated blanks.

Employee Personal Details

  1. Fill in your complete name on the top row. Please use your complete name as shown on your student records.
  2. Fill in your address and gender. Your employee or student number is your zID. Do not leave your ID blank.
  3. Indicate your date of birth, a contact number and email address.
  4. On the last line, please supply an emergency contact name and number.

Financial Institution Details for Deposit of Pay

  1. On the first line, please fill in the name of your bank.
  2. On the second line, give the location of the branch where your account is held.
  3. On the third line, write your BSB code and account number
  4. Write the account name on the bottom line.


Page 3

Academic Qualifications and Experience

  1. Please indicate your qualifications and experience for this position. Alternatively, you can attach a CV. If you have previously worked for UNSW, indicate that in the lower portion of this box.
  2. Please sign and date in the middle of the page.


Page 4

Please fill in this form after consultation with your course convenor. Checkboxes that are not applicable to you are pre-filled. You and your course convenor must sign the bottom of the form. This form MUST be returned with your HR63.


Checklist for submission

Have you…

□   Filled in your name as it appears on your student records?

□   Put the course number on Page 1?

□   Filled in your hours to match what is found the course organization chart?

□   Filled in your bank details on page 2?

□   Written your zID in the employee/student ID number?

□   Signed in the middle of page 3?

□   Filled in and signed the Casual Staff Checklist on page 4?



If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Oon