MECHSOC goes to Camp!

The first MECHSOC camp was a huge success, the story of a society that grew from a BBQ into something greater.

From 24 to 26 March 2017, a group of 100 (78 first years and 22 seniors) learnt together, grew together and created great friendships at MECHSOC’s inaugural First Year Camp. The vision camp coordinators had was to create an event that would help MECHSOC and the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering build a stronger community and spirit. Green team and their winning raft design

The camp began on the Friday, when we arrived at YMCA’s Yarramundi campsite. The first years met theirs teams and leaders for the first time and the teams were tasked with making flags which would be their colours for the duration of the camp. Each team would be fighting for the title of Champions as they would compete in activities exercising their creativity, body and mind! Friday was dedicated to getting to know each other and preparing for a Saturday full of activities.  

Saturday began with our most popular activity of the weekend – the engineering challenge. The first years were given a limited amount of materials to build a raft, which would be tested for speed and stability. The ingenuity of the first years, with minimal influence from the seniors, was brilliant. The challenge brought each team together to debate design, prototype, test and compete. During the races, the cheers were passionate and the final race kept everyone on edge.  In the end the green team were victors. Congratulations! After presentations from students and the School, round robin sport and a scavenger hunt, the group relaxed and danced the night away at our final party. It was great to see a group of strangers become friends – our vision was beginning to come true.

Sunday was the day to relax, a chance for the first years to speak with their leaders and ask questions. Outstanding first years were awarded and the winning team was crowned.  All of us were sad to see an amazing weekend go by so quickly but happy that we might finally get some sleep when we got home!Maroon team celebrate a hard fought win in dodge-ball

It is impressive to see that a society that began at the grassroots level of providing BBQs for students has grown to be involved in many events and wants to keep growing. The first years are the future of the School and we want them to be future leaders and create a community and spirit outside of the classroom. MECHSOC hopes the camp will continue and become even bigger and better in the future!

Charitha Katupitiya
Vice-President, MECHSOC


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