New research project awards for our School

We are happy to announce that staff in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering have procured new research projects in partnership with industry and government agencies. These projects are excellent opportunities to further School research impact, which is research translated into practical applications, government policies and/or technology embedded into commercial products.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Shawn Kook, Dr Chris Menictas, Emeritus Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, Associate Professor Con Doolan, Scientia Professor Liangchi Zhang, Dr Weidong Liu, Shanqing Li, Zhenglian Jiang, Peilei Qu, Professor Chun Wang, Associate Professor Sean O’Byrne, Associate Professor Andrew Neely and their teams on their success!


Soot distributions and particle structures             

Chief Investigator:  Associate Professor Shawn Kook

Project Title:  Soot distributions and particle structures

Project Summary:  Contract research with ITC-PAC, part of RDECOM of the US Army. This project will investigate the soot distributions and particle structures inside the cylinder of the optical diesel engine for the first time, and share the newly developed capability with the team at US Army Research Center in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, USA.


Multi-cell flow battery system  

Chief Investigators:  Dr Chris Menictas and Emeritus Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos

Project Title:  Development of a 19 cell iron flow battery system

Project Summary:  This project will focus on the development of one 19 cell Iron Flow Battery system and further investigation into the electrochemical and mechanical aspects of the technology.


Phased microphone array system  

Chief Investigator:  Associate Professor Con Doolan

Project Title:   Low speed wind tunnel (LSWT) acoustic flow noise measurements

Project Summary:  The aim of this project is to 1) characterise the background noise environment of the DSTG Large Low Speed Wind Tunnel, 2) use a phased microphone array system to measure noise from both a transponder and aeroacoustic noise source in the DSTG Large Low Speed Wind Tunnel and 3) make recommendations concerning the suitability of the wind tunnel for future aeroacoustic testing.

 Measuring the lubricant viscosity  

Chief Investigators:  Scientia Professor Liangchi Zhang, Dr Weidong Liu
Principle Investigators:  Shanqing Li, Zhenglian Jiang, Peilei Qu

Project Title:  High speed cold rolling of tinplate and stainless steel: Lubricant performance and its analysis

Project Summary:  Cold rolling is central to the metal forming industry; however, the production in industry will encounter challenges when rolling speed is high. The difficulty is that many new factors will come into play, but no knowledge is available about the lubricant performance under the production conditions. The project will develop an assessment method to investigate the lubricant performance under high rolling speed, which will include a new approach to characterizing the effects of rolling temperature, lubricant additives and asperity-lubricant interaction.

 Nanosecond-duration plasma in ethylene fuel between two flat-plate electrodes  

Chief Investigators:  (a)  Associate Professor Sean O’Byrne from UNSW Canberra;  (b)  Professor Chun Wang from UNSW Sydney and Associate Professor Andrew Neely from UNSW Canberra

Project Title:  CRC-P Hydrocarbon fuel technology for hypersonic air breathing vehicles

Project Summary:  This is CRC-P led by DefendTex with RMIT and UNSW being the supporting universities. This project aims to develop the technologies necessary for a liquid-hydrocarbon-fuelled scramjet engine that can operate at the high speeds and temperatures experienced in supersonic flight. UNSW staff will undertake the following two projects:

(a)   investigate new technologies to enable hypersonic combustion of hydrocarbon fuel; this work will be led by Associate Professor Sean O’Byrne.

(b)  design and manufacture new high-temperature composite materials that can withstand the high heat loading experienced in hypersonic flight.  This activity will be led by Professor Chun Wang from UNSW Sydney and Associate Professor Andrew Neely from UNSW Canberra.

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